When a car dealer can’t move enough inventory on their lot by selling them to retail buyers, they often turn to wholesale and dealer-to-dealer transactions to clear lot space. The traditional approach is to attend auctions to buy and sell vehicles.

However, traditional wholesale processes often don’t match the speed and convenience today’s dealers need when ordering cars. Learn why car dealers need to go digital and how modern solutions are improving dealer-to-dealer sales.

Traditional Wholesaling and Why it’s No Longer Efficient

Factors like auction schedules and vehicle transportation limit the traditional wholesale system. Physical auction locations have limited inventory and are subject to fixed schedules. Traditional auctions also require dealers to handle the transportation of the vehicles they purchase, increasing your dealership’s expenses.

Digital hand-selling platforms like BidWizer can transform the automotive industry by connecting dealers across the country with millions of cars in inventory and streamlining the bidding process.

Bidwizer Cars

How Digital Wholesale Platforms Changed the Industry

Digital wholesaling uses technology to put the dealer back in control. Some of the benefits of using a digital platform include:

  • Seamless Buying and Selling

Under the traditional system, dealers looking to sell inventory had to list their vehicles for each auction and bring them to the auction lot. This process made keeping specific vehicles available for a potential retail sale challenging.

With an online platform, a car dealer can synchronize their inventory directly from the Dealership Management System (DMS). This makes it possible to buy or sell inventory with just a few taps while keeping stock available for retail buyers.

  • Availability and Convenience

Digital wholesaling platforms enable dealers to buy and sell used cars through a platform that provides maximum convenience.

BidWizer requires no initial sign-up fees and is available 24/7. We also provide dealer-driven information and offer an expansive network to give dealers access to more inventory than traditional methods. This allows dealers to increase their sell-through rates.

  • Reach Nationwide Dealers and Customers

The biggest advantage offered by digital wholesaling platforms is the possibility of expanding your reach from the local level to the entire nation. For example, a car dealer in Tampa using the traditional methods may be limited to customers and dealers in Central Florida, such as St. Petersburg, Orlando, Kissimmee, or Palm Bay.

With an online wholesaling platform, location no longer limits the reach of a car dealer. Dealers can reach anyone in their state or nationwide. BidWizer offers seamless vehicle shipping solutions, saving dealers time and money. We also provide a secure platform for buying and selling that uses data encryption, reducing the risk of scam purchases.

  • BidWizer Makes Wholesaling Cars Easy

BidWizer’s online wholesaling platform is the ideal partner for dealer-to-dealer transactions. With our dealer platform, you can use your mobile device to buy and sell vehicles through a 100% secure online transaction. You can also move your inventory quickly and avoid losing customers on your lot.

Never go to a traditional auction again. Sign up for our free dealer portal to search for inventory and make an offer to buy wholesale for your dealership.

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