Dealer Arbitration

Regional Manager

Rating scores 

A score of 3.0 or less will trigger an investigation from the BidWizer’s team.  The BidWizer team will contact the selling dealer to discover the reason for the low rating.

If a dealer’s score is less than 2.5, or has consistent complaints from other dealers, BidWizer reserves the right to remove the dealer from the platform for a 60-day probation period.

Once the dealer is reinstated, they are on probation for an additional 30 days. Any additional 2.5 score or complaint from other dealers will result in the dealer being permanently removed from all BidWizer platforms.

If you have any additional questions or need more clarity on anything we have just gone over, please feel free to call our (800) 920-6912 number. 

Or, if you are already part of the BidWizer wholesale portal please call your regional manager with any additional questions. 

Our goal is to maintain a transparent platform for all who participate on the BidWizer wholesale portal.

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