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Corporate Overview

BidWizer was founded by CEO, Tony Lanham in 2018. Tony perfected a proven process developed from decades of experience as a retail and wholesale automotive dealer. From this experience he gained a unique perspective from both sides of the vehicle sales industry. BidWizer was designed to solve problems in the automotive sales industry on a true market platform.

Tony realized the potential of streamlining his methodologies to capitalize on the efficiencies of technology. The BidWizer platform is unique in the auto industry, designed as a disruptive technology that reinvents the vehicle marketplace, for buyers and sellers of vehicles.

We Solve the Biggest Problem in the Automotive Industry!

The BidWizer™ Wholesale Portal

This platform was developed for dealer-to-dealer transactions (a hand-sale). Dealers can search millions of vehicles from available inventory nation-wide, and purchase the vehicle wholesale from another dealer. The entire transaction is facilitated though our online portal where dealers can communicate with other dealers through live chat, view all the vehicle details, photos and history. This allows for complete transparency for both the buyer and the seller. Once a deal is struck BidWizer™ connects the buyer and seller, creates a digital purchase order and schedules pickup and delivery of the vehicles after paymentDealers will never lose a customer off their lot again!

Reverse Auction Online Platform

The BidWizer Reverse Auction Platform is designed to lower the overall cost of a vehicle saving the customer time and money on the purchase without ever visiting a dealership. BidWizer has created a live online reverse auction where Sellers (Franchise Dealers) compete for the Buyer business. Sellers lower their price and compete against each other to win the customers business. The vehicle sale goes to the lowest bidder and the buyer selects the final vehicle offer. Win-Win situation as buyers get the lowest cost and dealers make backend profits.

Live Auction Online Platform

The BidWizer Live Auction Platform is a real-time online auction where Sellers List vehicles and Buyers Bid. The vehicle goes to the winning bidder. Selling a used vehicle has always been a huge pain-point for all car owners. When it comes to selling a car, hours of preparation go in to take photos, gather vehicle details, list on multiple platforms, dealers with lowball prices or have strangers come to your door to see the vehicle. BidWizer has successfully created a revolutionary Mobile App that captures photos, car details, generates a condition report and provides a real value for the vehicle in minutes. This Mobile App uses AI to facilitate the listing process making it easy and fast to list your vehicle on our live auction platform. We then market your vehicle to Buyers on our exclusive network to generate interest in your vehicle listing and then bid on your car in real-time. This generates a competitive environment that drives up the price of the vehicle. We facilitate the entire process getting you the best price for your vehicle guaranteed.

BidWizer Benefits Dealers.

Our BidWizer platform provides backend revenue for dealers, marketing their inventory for them and bringing qualified buyers to the deal. This approach provides an increase in profits for the dealer by saving money on sales commissions, moving inventory quickly, and increasing monthly sales volumes. The BidWizer platform also gives dealers access to available open market inventory to bid on and win in auctions that increases inventory for their business. Dealers are our partners on BidWizer.

It’s a Win-Win for Everyone.

How did we make this happen? Tony Lanham has brought together the best-in-class technology and talent to turn this concept into a reality. The BidWizer team is made up from a diverse group of seasoned professionals with years of experience and success in technology, automotive and financial industries. Our success stems from an entrepreneurial spirit and innovative approach to solve real world problems.


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