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• No more dealership hassling on price
• Find your dream car in 5 minutes not 5 hours
• Watch hundreds of bidders drive down the price
• Your new car delivered to your door
• Fast, Simple and Easy
Coming Soon Summer 2023

buying a car

Dealers Bid for Your Business

1. Find your perfect vehicle
2. Have hundreds of dealers bid for your business
3. Your vehicle is delivered to your door step

Coming Soon Summer 2023

The King of Deals

Vehicles being sold at Real-Time Reverse Auctions

This Bid's For You

A Virtual Marketplace

BidWizer has created a virtual marketplace with millions of cars in inventory always available at your fingertips. The BidWizer platform has been developed to provide transparency for all users of the system. We put you in control of the buying process.

Buying a car

BidWizer’s unique and patent pending platform provides consumers the ability to shop thousands of vehicles while dealers bid down their price to earn your business. You save thousands of dollars, lower your monthly payment and close your deal in minutes. Whether you’re in the market for a new or pre-owned vehicle, we deliver the best deals, so why shop any other way?

Delivered to your home

After you buy your car in less than 5 minutes, BidWizer’s facilitates the final deal and delivers your car right to your front door. We hand you the keys and your dream car is yours. It’s that simple.

Buy Wiser, Sell Wiser, BidWizer

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